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  • 2018 ESSAS Annual Science Meeting in Alaska

    ESSAS (Ecosystem Studies of Subarctic and Arctic Seas) will hold its 2018 Annual Science Meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska, 12 to 14 June 2018.  

    A primary focus of the meeting is on remote sensing applications in the study of climate change impacts on high-latitude ecosystems.  Additional sessions and workshops focus on ocean acidification and other stressors; the biology, ecology and paleoecology of Arctic Gadids, and the use of Integrated Ecosystem Assessments (IEA) as a framework for understanding and managing subarctic and Arctic marine ecosystems. The meeting is intended to attract an interdisciplinary group of scholars, including remote sensing experts, who are interested in innovative approaches to studying subarctic and arctic waters and their living marine resources in both the North Atlantic and the North Pacific during a time of rapid changes.

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  • 2018 ESSAS ASM: The Use of Satellite Imagery in Subarctic and Arctic Ecosystem Research

    The ESSAS Annual Science Meeting will be held at Fairbanks, Alaska, USA from June 11-15, 2018.  The main theme of the meeting is “On the Use of Satellite Oceanography to Explore Ecosystem Dynamics in Subarctic and Arctic Regions.

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  • ESSAS Open Science Meeting

    ESSAS held its Open Science Meeting on 11-15 June, 2017, in Tromsø, Norway. The overall theme was “Moving in, out, and across Arctic and Subarctic Marine Ecosystems: Shifting Boundaries of Water, Ice, Flora, Fauna, People and Institutions”. The theme highlights the dynamic nature of these Marine Ecosystems in a time of rapid change, and the implications for people that depend on the services provided by these systems. The conference drew a total of 187 participants from 17 countries with a majority from Norway (89), the US (37), Japan (18), and Canada (10).

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  • ESSAS Co-Chair Sei-Ichi Saitoh wins PICES Wooster Award

    Prof. Sei-Ichi Saitoh was honoured by PICES at their 2016 annual science meeting held in San Diego, California at the beginning of November.

    He received the Wooster Award, named in honour of Professor Warren S. Wooster, a principal founder and the first Chairman of PICES, is given annually to an individual who has made significant scientific contributions to North Pacific marine science, such as understanding and predicting the role of human and climate interactions on marine ecosystem production.

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  • 2016 ESSAS Annual Science Meeting

    ESSAS (Ecosystem Studies of Sub-Arctic Seas) will hold its 11th Annual Science Meeting in Yokohama, Japan 7-9 March 2016. The main topic of this meeting is “Scientific Challenges in Changing Arctic and Subarctic”.  Abstract deadline is 12 February. More information

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  • First international and multi-disciplinary meeting on RACArctic

    The first 3-day meeting on “Resilience and adaptive capacity of Arctic marine systems under a changing climate (RACArctic)” was held from March 1-3, 2016.

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  • Abstracts from 2014 ESSAS Annual Science Meeting

    The 2014 ESSAS Annual Science Meeting (ASM) was convened in Copenhagen, Denmark (7 – 9 April, 2014) at the Natural History Museum of Denmark.  It was attended by 72 scientists from 10 countries. The ASM was divided into four oral sessions: Focus upon Danish Research; Paleoecology of the Subarctic Seas; Biology and Ecology of Arctic cods, Arctogadus glacialis and Boreogadus saida; and a general Contributed Session with talks on various topics from human responses to major shifts in fisheries, comparisons between two arctic ecosystems, modeling studies and the biological impacts of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation. A poster session was also held. The Abstracts from the oral presentations and the posters, as well as the agenda for the meeting can be viewed in the Book of Abstracts found in the publications and reports section of this website. 

    2014 ESSAS Annual Science Meeting Abstract Booklet

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  • What’s New? Expanding Dimensions for ESSAS

    ESSAS saw several exciting new developments at the recent annual meeting of its Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) in Hakodate, Japan (10-11, January 2013), including:
    The appointment of two new SSC members: Dr. Sei-Ichi Saitoh accepted an invitation from the SSC to become its third Co-chair. Dr. Saitoh is a professor at Japan’s Hokkaido University Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences, Laboratory of Marine Bioresource and Environment Sensing.

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  • What’s New? ESSAS Annual Science Meeting (Hakodate, Japan, January 7 – 9, 2013)

    The ASM will be hosted by Hokkaido University and held at the Hakodate Community Design Center in Jyujigai, Hakodate. The general theme of this year’s meeting is “Spatial Dynamics of Subarctic Marine Ecosystems“; two oral sessions are scheduled on this topic.

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  • A Special Issue of the ICES Journal of Marine Science

    Progress in Observation and Prediction held in Seattle, Washington, during May 2011 — has just been published. Edited by K. Drinkwater, G. Hunt, Jr., O. Astthorsson and E. Head, it contains 20 papers from the OSM along with an introduction to the volume and the meeting.

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