ESSAS - Ecosystem Studies of Subarctic and Arctic Seas

ESSAS Poster Session on Arctic-Subarctic Interactions – At the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting

The Arctic and the Subarctic are intrinsically linked, not only through exchange of water but also in the fluxes and movement of flora and fauna between the two regions. Both regions are experiencing profound changes under present warming and are predicted to be even more highly impacted under future global change.

To understand how climate variability and change affect will affect these marine ecosystems, it is essential to understand the role of physical and biological fluxes between the Arctic and Subarctic as well as the mechanisms that link the physical characteristics and biological systems of these ocean areas. At the last ESSAS Open Science Meeting in May 2012, a Workshop was held on Arctic-Subarctic Interactions to bring together the various communities working at the boundary between the two regions to discuss the gaps in our knowledge and what research is needed to fill those gaps.  

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