ESSAS - Ecosystem Studies of Subarctic and Arctic Seas

Toru Hirawake

Toru Hirawake is a professor at National Institute of Polar Research in Tokyo. He also belongs to the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI, and teaches satellite oceanography in polar seas. He began his study at the Tokyo University of Fisheries (currently Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology) and took PhD in Science in Nagoya University. His expertise are on marine optics and its application to ocean color remote sensing such as detection of change in primary production, particularly in polar and sub-polar seas. He is an algorithm developer for the satellite ocean color sensor SGLI/GCOM-C of JAXA and in charge of algorithms of primary production and size distribution of phytoplankton.

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Benjamin Planque
Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway

Franz Mueter
University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA

Naomi Harada
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
Kashiwa, Japan